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Our Senior Editor

I’m Cindy Powell and I was thrilled to join Voices of Justice as Senior Editor in July 2017. I often refer to myself as a simple girl with simple faith. My desire is to love God and love people well. A big part of that means being faithful to use the gifts God has given me for the purposes He has set before me. That, in a nutshell, is what has led me to to take on this new position.

I have long desired to have greater impact in the fight against human trafficking. As many who read and contribute to VOJ know, once you have glimpsed the nightmare experienced by those trapped in the living hell of modern-day slavery—particularly those exploited in the sex trade—looking away isn’t an option. You need to do what you can.

This is me doing what I can. I am thrilled to be able to contribute toward empowering, inspiring, and releasing others to do what they can.  None of us can do everything, but we can all do something. Some statistics indicate that as few as 1% of all human trafficking victims are ever rescued. However, together we can change that statistic and eradicate this gross injustice.

I’m so grateful for the great foundation our founding editor Rachael Williams-Mejri established. There have been many changes since I assumed this role (including a change in name from Grace as Justice to Voices of Justice)–and I’m sure there will be many more in the days ahead–however, the heart and purpose of VOJ will remain the same. We need to make our voices heard on behalf of the ones whose voices have been silenced. They can’t speak out, but we can. We can and we must.

Everyone deserves to be free. I hope you’ll join me as we continue the fight.

Our Featured Columnists

Voices of Justice currently has three regular columnists who share their varied insights in every issue!

Andrea Aasen

Kezia Hatfield

Hallie Schaefer

Our Regular Contributors

In addition to our regular columnists, we are blessed to have a few amazing writers who are regular contributors to Voices of Justice.

Rachael Williams-Mejri  Rachael is not only our founding editor but, fortunately for us, she is also still a regular contributor. A fierce freedom fighter wth a love for the written word, Rachael continues to educate and inspire our readers with reviews on a vast array of books related to the subject of human trafficking. You can catch one of her insightful reviews in almost every issue!