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This month we’re celebrating the graduation of seven of our beautiful girls from our hair and beauty pre-vocational training school. At the end of last year we started this school with the help of our International Hair and Beauty Director Tina Cairo. Ms Cairo’s ability to raise up and support local leaders has helped the new program be successful in sending girls off to a new career.

The school is a three month course where the girls get a basic education in country-specific skills to prepare them for a future career in hair and beauty. In Cambodia that means teaching not just hairstyling but nail technology and make-up skills. This course is taught in a classroom environment by an enthusiastic teacher, giving the girls excitement for their education. But more than skills, the girls learn confidence in the classroom, belief in their ability to do good work and excel in their chosen profession.

Working in hair and beauty in Cambodia can be difficult but Ms Cairo says the girls in Destiny Rescue’s program have an advantage.

“We are able to teach more western hairdressing skills that few places here provide, and we’re always up-skilling our local teacher,” she says.

All seven of the graduating girls are getting placed in local salons for vocational training, similar to an apprenticeship.

Traditionally, girls who enter these salons must work for a year to complete their training, but  Destiny Rescue girls only need six months because the salons know they’ve already received such a solid foundation from the Destiny Rescue school. Upon finishing, the girls will then possess some of the highest skills in their field.

Ms Cairo has more than 10 years experience behind the chair working for Paul Mitchell in the United States. Her expertise and passion has been vital in establishing these programs at Destiny Rescue.

Ms Cairo says she loves to see the children and staff growing together not just in their craft, but in life and attitudes.

“The most meaningful memory for me was seeing the girls change,” she says. “In the beginning they were nervous but now at the end of the class they are so happy and excited to learn. Even as we assessed their skills at the end of the program they were smiling and taking notes. You can’t ask for anything better than pure enthusiasm from your students.”

The students aren’t the only ones who are enthusiastic about learning; up-skilling is an important part of the job for the local teacher too, who has a passion for learning. The teacher has come in and seen the vision of Destiny Rescue and pours love into the girls from the fountain of her heart. She is a wonderful woman to work with both for the girls and the rest of Destiny Rescue.

Ms Cairo says supporting education is the most important thing to convey to Destiny Rescue supporters.

“We all know the maxim ‘teach a man to fish’ but I see it so clearly here. There is no better investment than to invest in teachers and the girls’ education.  When we do that it breaks the cycles their families have been in for generations and brings a new legacy.”

Words by Joshua Snell

Hair and beauty training is a popular choice of pre-vocational training for our rescued girls, but it’s also an expensive trades to learn in Cambodia. If you would like to support our girls as they work towards a brighter future please click here