Shiloh Shelter

Helping baby girls in India.

All About A Girl

by Shiloh Fox

I am a girl. In 2010, when I was twelve, it broke my heart to learn that girls are not wanted in India. I learned that it is illegal to find out the gender of your baby in India because, if it is a girl, they will have an abortion. In villages when a baby is born, if it is a girl, they will often kill the child at birth.

Baby girls are abandoned in trash bins or sold into slavery, which includes domestic and sexual slavery. All of this is because they are considered a financial burden.

When you go to sleep, by the time you wake up, over 200 babies will have been aborted in India, just because they are girls. Some estimates are close to one million a year. After learning of this, God burdened my heart to make a difference in their lives.

Excerpt from the article, “All About a Girl” in this the first issue of Grace As Justice premier magazine.  Read more

Magazine: v. I issue 1

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