Runners-blog (600 x 330)So what is it that you have in your hand? That’s more or less the question that Micah Lyons asked himself when he learned about human trafficking was taking place in his former backyard. Shocked by what he had never considered to be happening in the U.S., this energetic film producer immediately asked himself what he could do to end human trafficking. The answer might surprise you – and will hopefully inspire you. He decided a film was definitely in store for the world, and put his talent to use the best way he knew how to do his part in ending this atrocity.


In Grace As Justice’s next edition, we will look more in depth at Micah Lyons, his project, and his idea on how he should personally help combat human trafficking and slavery. For now, here are some things to keep up the suspense:

  • The film is called The Runners
  • There is a major donation event taking place August 1, 2015
  • The trailer is being released the day of the event
  • We are speaking into this as a “big thing” so it can make a big difference!


Their current website is:

The trailer should be available after August 1st when they intend to reveal it at a huge gathering in East Texas designated to help raise funds for the project.

If you would like to partner to make The Runners a reality, click here: